Animals & Mythical Creatures

Moon and Dragon are very proud to share our artwork that combines magical and animal themes to preserve our arts and culture. Moon and Dragon are very happy to provide these services for this type of artwork, having more than 10 years of practical experience in the field. The mythological and animal creatures that we create on different Gumbas, Stupas, parks, and houses too that serve as either interior décor or have a symbolic meaning related to religious philosophy. Symbolic animals and creatures, such as fish, phoenix, lions, deer, and dragons, are a part of the theme of animals and mythical creatures. We Moon and Dragon are very proud to share that our dedicated team and their expertise make these creatures more amazing and beautiful with the deeper meaning of religious philosophy. So, If you have any kind of projects related to Mythical and Animal creatures, are always happy to welcome you to your project through our skills. 


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