Kutsab Terenga Gumba

This project (Carving) was started from May 8 2023 A.D. In this project we had craft the interior design of the new monastry. we followed the Kagyu Traditions. In fact, this old monastry was build by 1'st Shangpa Rinpoche.. On request of Villagers and with Leadership of the 2nd Shangpa Rimporche  New Kutsab Terenga Gumba was build inorder to preserve the  Treasures (Ter, Khutsab Ternga) of old monastry. 

We Moon and Dragon Builder are very pleasure to engage in this traditional and historical significance's projects. In this project we had craved the kagyu Traditions design like Ka-Tsen-zye (Four Dignities), Zye-Patta in hyolmo Language (Tsi-Menda in other Himalayan Buddhist language) and others interior design.

Sing (Mountain white Lion)

Tak (Tiger)

Khyung (Garuda)

Jharko (Vulture)

Kazyu (Piller and Bem Design)

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